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Who am I?

This simple question is at the foundation of the identity movement, and while our focus is on individuals and couples, we have had to answer a related question as an organization and a community, “Who are we?”

Neglecting that question would leave open the possibility that others would define us, creating an identity for us based on their projections and not of our choosing. So, we have spent much of 2019 answering that question: imagining programs, traditions, names and symbols that define us as we want to be known.

Today we are unveiling the symbolic identity by which we want to be recognized in the world.

In the torch, we see a tool that holds the light we carry as we search for ourselves in our history. At the same time, it illuminates the pathway to new identities that we create for ourselves.

In addition to the flame that lights the way, our flame represents the uniqueness of each and every identity that has or ever will live upon this earth. Just as there are no two fingerprints alike, each of us discovers and creates our own one of a kind identity.

Finally, as the font implies going from small to bold type, our journey in search and creation of identity may start from a place of weakness and uncertainty but will grow strong with time and effort.

Each of our affiliate organizations has its own unique variation of our primary logo and includes the name of the affiliate. The depth of meaning behind each affiliate name will evolve over time, but at their foundations each has a specific intention:

  • Men of Good Will, will inspire men to seek and sustain community and aspire to manifest Christ-like masculinity in all of their dealings and relationships

  • Woman Aware will seek to support women to grow and maintain a strong sense of their individual identity while serving others

  • Two Parts, One Heart will be dedicated to the belief that it takes two whole people to create a couple that is more whole, or (w)holier than the two individuals can ever be on their own.

So this is who we are and who we hope to become. We invite your feedback, and more importantly extend an invitation to join us on this mission to create a world made up of well defined individuals who are, as a result of a solid identity, tolerant, compassionate and committed to building a better world now and into the future.


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