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Find ways to become involved in your community.

By the time you get to this page you've read about​: 

  • who we are,

  • why we believe identity matters, &

  • why we believe that we live in a time that is plagued by individual and collective identity crises,

Hopefully you're seeing that we have a problem and are asking yourself

“How can I get involved?” 

The answer is

“There are many, many ways!”

Discover & Create Identity
Support the mission in your community
Get involved in our organization

Discover and Create Identity

​If you recognize that you or someone you love might benefit from exploring and building identity, then we have several offerings to suggest. 

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Get Involved in

Your Community

There are lots of way that you can get involved in your community. Below are a few examples. 

  • Attending a group 

  • Forming a group 

  • Attending a retreat 

  • Sponsoring a retreat

  • Sponsoring a workshop

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Get Involved in Our Organization

If you're interested in becoming involved in Discover IdentityTM, let us know by visiting our contact page.

Below are a few examples ways you can support the mission.

  • Webpage support 

  • Staffing 

  • Write a blog 

  • Share the word 

  • Support outreach 

  • Help with administration 

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