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Who are we?

We are men and women that seek to empower others to discover and create their divine identity, develop leadership skills, and strengthen relationships and communities.

We are...

  • men and women who believe in the importance of Identity, Intimacy, Generativity and Integrity in the lives of individuals, couples, families and society at large.   

  • men and women of faith who believe in a God that created us male and female. 

  • men and women who believe that we have been given a period in time, that we call mortality, to grow in ways that will allow us to return with joy to the God who gave us life. 

  • men and women who believe that we can heal from any hurt by bringing it to our consciousness, seeking healing and relying on God’s grace 

  • men and women who have come together to apply these principles to the world of healing and growth. 

Discover Identity is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.

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