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Our Mission

We empower men and women of faith, with opportunities to discover and create their divine identity, develop leadership skills, and strengthen relationships and communities.  

Our Vision

We envision a world of conscious individuals who know who they are based on an eternal perspective of self and others and who promote that perspective to benefit their lives, relationships and the world at large. 


We execute this mission by offering programs and services to men, women, and couples that focus on the following principles:



We believe that discovering and creating an identity founded on faith, gender and integrity is essential to living a fulfilling life.

  • Faith - We believe in the existence of a God in whose image we were created, male and female, thus defining our complete identity. 

  • Gender - We exist to support individuals who choose an identity consistent with their biological gender. We do not judge those who choose to identify otherwise and believe in and defend their right to do so.  

  • Integrity - We encourage men, women and couples to establish identities that are congruent with their beliefs and actions.

Relationships, Families and Communities


We exist to support healthy and intimate relationships, families and communities.

  • Intimacy - We believe that mature intimacy is created by two or more individuals with established, unique identities that can unite in a common purpose, without losing their individual sense of self.


We encourage men and women to become generative leaders in all areas of their lives.

  • Generativity - We seek to develop self-aware leaders who know who they are and strive to create better relationships and communities for current and future generations. ​


The following is a list of values that we strive to include in all that we say and do: 

  • Agency – we respect the right of each individual to choose their own path and ask that we be accorded the same respect. 

  • Tolerance – we accept and support the right of each individual to express their own beliefs and ask the same for ourselves. 

  • Compassion – we strive to show love to all whom we encounter in our lives. 

  • Authenticity - we strive to speak and act honestly and consistently. We believe that being truthful is a higher value than being “nice”. 

  • Integrity – we strive for consistency between our words and our actions. 

  • Healing and Growth - we are all capable of growth and healing. It is never too late to change and no one is beyond “redemption”. 

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