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''I am not my cancer''

A support group for people who experience cancer: patients, survivors and caregivers

A cancer diagnosis can be earth shattering for individuals and families, to the point where it can shake our identity to the core. We are thrust deep into a medical world that is often overwhelming with treatments that are brutal and all consuming. Caregivers are often forgotten in this upheaval as they also cope with the emotional tsunami. This group is about providing a safe place for those affected by cancer to have a voice, to find and maintain their sense of self in the face of this challenge. It is a place to find others with whom to take this journey. You are not alone. 

Each of the facilitators of this group are your peers, as either a cancer patient, survivor or caregiver. 

Group Hug

The Details

The group meets in person on the second and fourth Monday of every month from 4-5:30pm in Provo, Utah. Any one with a cancer diagnosis and any caregiver assisting someone with a cancer diagnosis is welcome to attend. Registration is required and an initial intake interview with one of the facilitators. You will be given more information during this initial interview. Participation is voluntary and there is no cost to attend. As a peer-led group this is not therapy nor a medical intervention. 

Register on our events page. Come join us!

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