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As I Am


Masculinity done the Savior's way
A retreat for men


Curious about the retreat?

Hear what participants have to say about the retreat

Sheri L. Dew:

"There is a direct relationship between how we feel about Jesus Christ and how we see ourselves.

We cannot increase our devotion to the Savior without also obtaining a greater sense of purpose, identity, and conviction."

“As I Am” is a healing retreat, presented by Discover Identity™ and its men’s organization Men of Good Will™. It is designed for all men who desire to grow and become the best men they can be. This multi-faith retreat is consistent with the teachings and example of Jesus Christ, while promoting identity, fraternity, and a purposeful life vision. At the same time “As I Am” is not a religious retreat promoting any particular ideology. 

This retreat was created and is presented by a group of men (The Men of Good Will) with many years of experience facilitating experiential retreats and groups, as well as coaching individual men in growth and healing. It is open to any man age 18 and older seeking to discover and create a stronger sense of self by facing his obstacles, to be the man he and God envision. 

As I Am, is different from other healing programs that often begin by asking “What’s wrong with you?” Instead, at As I Am we begin with “What’s right about you and what is your vision of the future?" From that starting point we explore the obstacles that get in the way of achieving your vision and ways of growing beyond your obstacles; frequently referencing the example and teachings of Jesus Christ as an important part of any solution. 

This retreat is more than an instructional conference, it is an experiential program, with facilitated activities designed to help you safely and actively explore your conscious and unconscious blocks, gaining awareness of your beliefs, emotions, and behaviors along the way. You will be provided with tools to make the retreat experience a reality in your daily life, including greater authenticity, and freedom from behaviors and beliefs that previously held you back from achieving your goals. 

Topics Covered at the Retreat


Above all, this retreat is about identity. We invite you to go beneath labels,

titles, roles, accomplishments, and shame, and ask,

“Who am I?" 

“Who am I really?”

After learning tools, identifying and clearing away obstacles and forming answers to that question, you are encouraged to look at your relationships. You will learn to relate intimately, and clearly with others by asking,

“Who are you?”

Finally, we challenge you to envision your identity in the community, by asking,

“Who am I as part of God’s creation?” 




This retreat changed me. What happened on the retreat was even more than I could have hoped for...


I made more progress in those couple of days than I had in 9 years.

I feel reborn, rejuvenated, and recommitted to my desire to love and follow and serve God and Christ.



This was a life changing and spiritual experience for me...

It was a memorable experience, a retreat that is unique, uplifting and rewarding.

I gained a new understanding of masculinity by following Christ's teachings and I encourage all to look and step into a new way of healing. Your reward will be greater than your investment.


Spring 2024

When: Friday April 26th - Sunday April 28th, 2024

Where: Coalville, Utah

Coalville, UT is 50 minutes north east of Salt Lake International Airport

TBD 2024

When: TBD

Where: TBD



$490 - Early Bird

Spring - Register by January 31st, 2024


$590 - Regular Registration

$520 - Brother Discount

Save $70 when you register with a friend

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As I Am was first produced in 2017 and is offered several times annually. It is also available for groups seeking to sponsor it in their existing communities. Check the Events page for the next available opportunity to attend As I Am or contact us through this website to discuss sponsoring a retreat in your area.

Prior Retreats

Upcoming Retreats

  • As I Am™ - Coalville, Utah (April 2024)
    As I Am™ - Coalville, Utah (April 2024)
    Fri, Apr 26
    Location is in Coalville, Utah
    Apr 26, 2024, 8:00 AM – Apr 28, 2024, 5:00 PM
    Location is in Coalville, Utah
    Come discover your true identity and develop your masculinity through Christ's example.
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