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Men of Good will

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We are disciples of Jesus Christ who believe that he showed us by his teachings and example how to be whole men.

Resources for Men

Men's Resources

As I Am, a retreat for men, centered on the teachings of Jesus Christ, helps men discover and develop their identity, mature in their masculinity, and heal emotional wounds.


We offer three different workshops for men.

Men of Good Will groups are currently or will soon be running in several locations.

Man Talk
Man Talk
Additional Resources

Coming Soon! If you would like more resources please contact us.

Twelve Elements of Christ-like masculinity


We believe that Jesus Christ was the perfect example of masculinity. 

  1. Identity

  2. Competency

  3. Authority (confidence)

  4. Authenticity

  5. Intimacy

  6. Compassion

  7. Righteous judgment

  8. Emotionally balanced

  9. Connected

  10. Generativity

  11. Devotion to a higher purpose

  12. Wholeness

As I Am

Masculinity done the Savior's way
A retreat for men

Six Foundational Principles of the Men of Good Will


We are on a unique journey that we share with others. We respect the journey and agency of others, and ask the same respect of and for ourselves.

Our Vision and Mission

We envision a world of peace, harmony and cooperation that is made possible by the influence of men of good will in sacred partnership with the feminine.  We do this by creating spaces where men with a common Latter-day Saint cultural experience and identity can come together to share, explore and become men of integrity in order to build a better world for themselves, their families, communities and future generations.

Our Values

In order to be Men of Good Will we strive to:

•    see all men as brothers, acknowledging that brotherhood is a sacred relationship that requires boundaries and transparency.
•    be aware of judgments and prejudice that may impact how we perceive and treat others.
•    live in integrity in all our relationships by doing what we say and saying what we do and correcting ourselves when necessary.
•    support brothers and others in becoming the best they can and want to be
•    honor and work in harmony with women in our personal lives and in the world at large.
•    hold ourselves accountable to other men and women of good will.
•    do no harm to ourselves or others; consciously and unconsciously.
•    consciously do good to ourselves and others.
•    surrender our egos and individual needs to a Higher Power or purpose.
•    unite behind principles rather than personalities, the exception being Jesus Christ. We look to Jesus Christ as the model of authentic, heathy masculinity.

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