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Who are We?

The Men of Good Will™ are a group of idealistic men who:

•... believe that Jesus Christ showed us by his teachings and example how to be a whole man.

•... see a need in our community for the power of brotherhood, where emotionally whole men have tools and a place where they can get and give support, thus blessing their marriages, families, and communities.

•... have experienced healing and growth in many settings. We want to see similar healing and growth amongst our brothers, who are closer to home, that is consistent with our beliefs and cultural experience.

•... honor and respect women and see them as our equals in the world and before God, at the same time acknowledging and honoring our unique roles and attributes as men and women.

•... believe that a Zion society is both desirable and attainable, and that whole men are required for it to be established. The establishment of Zion can begin with individuals coming together in community, consciously supporting each other on the road to greater wholeness.

•... seek to unite behind principles rather than personalities, the exception being Jesus Christ. We look to Jesus Christ as the model of authentic, healthy masculinity.

•... are willing to go first by teaching correct principles and modeling healthy behavior. We seek other likeminded and like hearted men.

•... believe that the infrastructure for whole manhood already exists in our lives and that most men do not access the power of this brotherhood. As a result, we seek to empower men to strengthen their existing circles, including, but not limited to, their quorums, families, and communities. We do this rather than create new and unique “healing” communities built around wounds or new language and rituals.

•... have been guided by God on our own life journeys, grateful for the brotherhood we have found along the way to support us in our personal growth. We are passionate about extending a hand to our brothers and sisters, as others have done for us.

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